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Sherriff May Be Prosecuted for Distributing FEMA’s Ice to Katrina Victims.

Friday, March 24th, 2006

Did you hear about Sherriff Billy McGee in Hattisburg, MS who is being prosecuted by the Federal Government because he and his deputies went to a national guard base and hijacked two FEMA trailers full of ice and distributed them to the people of his county because FEMA was failing to act in the wake of Katrina. I want to put togehter a legal aid fund to help him. I may even become one of those worthless people who go and stand outside the courthouse with a sign that says “Let Billy Go!”.

From:The Hattisburg American

“McGee and several unidentified deputies are accused of handcuffing and detaining a National Guardsman who tried to prevent them from seizing two Federal Emergency Management Agency trucks at Camp Shelby on Sept. 4, six days after Katrina battered Hattiesburg.”

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